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Length : 23.2m

Guests : 4 Cabins / 8 Persons

Crew : 2 Cabins / 3 Persons

Class Notation:  CE

Maximum Speed : 22.5 Knots

Introducing the magnificent yacht, "Iguaza." Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and innovation, Iguaza stands as a symbol of luxury and elegance on the open waters. With a CE class notation, this vessel guarantees safety and adherence to the highest maritime standards. Constructed from cutting-edge GRP foam composite material, Iguaza seamlessly blends durability with lightweight maneuverability. Designed to accommodate both crew and guests in opulent comfort, Iguaza boasts two spacious cabins for a crew of three, ensuring seamless operations and impeccable service. For the guests, four sumptuous cabins await, offering lavish quarters for up to eight individuals, promising an unforgettable journey marked by relaxation and sophistication. Stretching to an impressive 23.2 meters in length hull over all, and with a beam max of 6.10 meters, Iguaza commands attention with its sleek and imposing silhouette. With a displacement of 50 tons, this vessel effortlessly glides through the waves, embodying grace and power in equal measure. Beneath the surface, Iguaza's heart beats with the power of two formidable 1000hp CAT C12.9 engines, delivering unparalleled performance and propulsion. Enhanced by the prowess of 27kW and 13kW CAT generators, this yacht ensures a seamless flow of energy to cater to every need. Navigational precision is taken to new heights with the inclusion of bow and stem thrusters, boasting a maximum power of 20hp. Whether maneuvering through tight spaces or maintaining stability, Iguaza's thrusters offer unparalleled control. Embarking on the Iguaza guarantees an unforgettable voyage. A cruising speed of 15 knots ensures a relaxed journey through picturesque waters, while the option to surge to a maximum speed of 22.5 knots invites those seeking a thrill to experience the yacht's full potential. With a fuel capacity of 5000 liters, Iguaza is primed for extended journeys, promising exploration without boundaries. Moreover, the yacht's thoughtfully designed 2x500-liter black water capacity underscores its commitment to environmental responsibility, ensuring a sustainable and harmonious voyage for all. In essence, Iguaza encapsulates the zenith of maritime luxury, offering a haven of comfort, style, and performance. This yacht redefines opulence, inviting guests to create lasting memories as they embark on an odyssey of a lifetime.

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